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Some of the greatest tools to have in
your tool box when duty calls. This
handy set of pro grade pry tools will
help make restorations of classics,
modifications of hot rods, and custom
installations on newer cars a real

Designed with fiberglass reinforced
nylon, this set will last for years even
under the worst of conditions. In the
event one becomes damaged, they can
easily be resharpened with a hand file
or grinding wheel.

4 out of the 5 bars are double headed
giving you a total of 9 different tools to
use for your tasks. Can be used on the
inside and outside trim of almost any
vehicle. They can also be used for any
other task in and around your house!
Speaker Covers                                   Dash Consoles                                       Radio Bezels
Handle Trim                                     Lock Switch Plates                            Exterior Trimmings
Vehicle Logos                                        Pop Tab Retainers                                Gap Fill Moldings
Light Switch Controls
Side Sill Running Boards
Pry heads that measure up to 50-90% wider than other similar tools!