OEL Sound Activated Sticker Installation
One of the coolest lighting effects on the
market. The EQ bars dance to the beat of
your music. Fully customizable with
overlays, vinyl stickers or even paint.
OEL by HID brings visual life to your

To install the OEL display, follow the
steps outlined below:

1) Test fit the unit to ensure it will fit as

2) Clean the glass surface.
3) Peel off the thin film covering the face of the OEL display. This is for protection during
shipping only, and should not be left on.

4) Peel off the thin strips covering all four sections of the window adhesive.

5) Place the OEL display on the glass and press all sides into place firmly.
Once installed, hookup the
provided power supply unit and
switch on the black convereter box.
Put on some music and ensure the
light bars are functioning correctly.

The OEL EQ display works best at
night time, or in a dark area. Direct
sunlight wil reduce visual effects.

Protect the wiring in the vehicle by
hiding it behind plastic panels or

WARNING: The ribbon cable
between the converter box and the
OEL display carry enough A/C
voltage to cause shock. If
damaged, discontinue use